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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Medical leave

Well, I have a lot of Halloween candy leftover from this week. I was thinking to take it with us and give it out to the orphans in Russia. Would that go over well, do you think? I know that Reese's peanut butter cups are highly treasured in Europe and we have a ton of those.

I just spoke with Victoria from AAC. I wanted to know the status on the paperwork that Sveta is compiling for the judge. She informed me that the social worker who can issue Sveta paperwork is on medical leave and they don't know when she will be back at work. I could just cry over all these delays that keep happening. I want to bring the boys home before Christmas and now I am beginning to lose hope that it will happen. I have faith that the adoption will be successful - I just wish it would happen sooner. :(


Diana said...

They may well be prized...so much so that they may not make it through customs :-). A lot of stuff like that we took with us to Ukraine didn't. You can try splitting it into several small bags and hide it throughout your luggage and in multiple suitcases. At least some of it should make it that way.

Hevel said...

Reese's cups are only treasured by those, who know what they are. I think the missionaries would appreciate them more than the orphans. Also as Diana said, there is a risk of they never getting through customs. In both the Ukrainian and the one Russian orphanage where I have been on mission trips the staff didn't give anything to the kids they didn't know, so no American candy was allowed. It's a safer bet to get something locally.