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Friday, October 21, 2011

Today at court

Sveta went to court today and successfully submitted the dossier to the judge. Now she will begin going to the orphanages and vital records to get more paperwork. What paperwork? Honestly, I do not know what she has to get - but she has to get them and she said it should take anywhere from 3-4 weeks before she will submit those papers to the judge on a Friday and we should get our court date that day. Once we have the court date, we will book our flights, get the last minute medical things - x-rays and such - for the Moscow medical evaluations, visas, and make solid plans with Sarah - who will be coming up to take care of Anna, Keith, & Iryna, while we are gone. The court date is actually 2 weeks after we need to be in country. It will take time to do the Moscow medicals, Tyler has to check in at the US Embassy, and then we need to visit both boys 7 times prior to court. Calvin's orphanage has agreed - last we heard - to allow us to come later in the day so we can visit both Silas and Calvin in one day. It will be a headache (literally!) to drive to and from Vicksa each day (remember how bad those roads are?!?) but we can do all our visits in a week instead of 2, so that is very nice. Any questions?


Diana said...

This is progress!!! YEAH!!! Maybe you really will get those babies home for Christmas! Do not envy you one whit about being in Russia in the winter, though.

Trent and Meg said...

Yea!!! So glad you have news and a better timeline!!! Hope everything can go as swiftly as possible :D Hugs to you all :D