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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We still haven't received a court date. Sveta had to get more forms signed and that has taken more time, but she is doing her best and I am grateful to have such a competent facilitator. I am hopeful that she may be able to go to court this Friday and get us our court date.

It is becoming clear that if we get our court date this week or the next that Tyler & I could be in Russia for Christmas. I have shed tears thinking that I will be apart from Anna, Keith, & Iryna during this wonderful time of year. We even decorated our house for Christmas early so I could get some time with it in case we leave soon.

I am trying to think of some positive things that I can do if I am in Russia. I can bring my Christmas music and play for the children at the orphanage. I also can buy sweets and treats and perhaps bring some little toys and wrap them for my new boys and other orphans. Maybe  get some shoes to take for orphans. Have any of you been separated from your children for Christmas so you could bring home your new children? I am up for some ideas!


Tamara said...

When we brought Ellie home we didn't end up separated at Christmas, but we thought we would be, so we videotaped a Christmas message for them, did the 12 days of Christmas gift thing (small gifts with a note from us) and had our special Christmas dinner before we left.
We ended up not meeting Ellie until the 21st so we went ahead and came home on the 23rd to wait for court.
Hang in there. The timing is all in God's hands...and he's got PERFECT timing. ;)

Zactly said...

Hope you all get your travel date soon Jill. Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

We have had several Christmases that we were not able to spend Christmas with all our kids because we have a blended family. We still had our own complete Christmases  with Santa coming and Christmas jammies and all the complete traditions including the foods, caroling, and Nativity story on the designated Christmas Eve and day.  You're the one in charge, so just pick the big day, let the kids have their countdown, and enjoy Christmas as a complete family on your special day. Don't we do this all the time when having a birthday party on a different day from the "real" day? 

We also have had to be gone on many extended business trips. We would leave a present for each day we were gone for the kids to open. Most of the presents were of the $1 Store variety. Some presents were individual for each child, some were group presents for them all together.  Use your imagination. Fun socks, treasure hunts, and messages like:  today you get to eat at your favorite restaurant!  Simple things that you would plan on them doing anyway while you are gone are much more fun when opened as a present. No need to be really fancy with the wrapping, I would use lunch bags for most of the gifts, tied with a colorful ribbon. Also, as the line of presents gets smaller, it's closer to when Mom and Dad get home! (The babysitter might need to be ready to add more if there is a delay.) 

If reading books is a part of your nighttime or daily routine, then have Mom and or Dad video themselves reading several favorite books. The children will still have the routine of  Mom and Dad reading to them each day. Make sure to record many books, as they will probably get "read" many more times than they would if you were there.  While you are at it, make a special video for each child. Tell them of your love, why they are special to you, and the sweet things you would be saying to them if you were there. These videos of books and love will become a treasure to each child. They will be used when you are at home too!

Hopefully these ideas are helpful. They worked quite well for us. With today's technology, you could Skype together, instead of just phone calls home too. 

Sarah C said...

I am sorry you will not be with Anna, Iryna, and Keith. I am sure they will miss you but they will have a fun Chirstmas. You will bless the lives of everyone you visit in Russia.