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Monday, December 13, 2010

Change of Home Study Program

So today I spoke with Victoria from AAC and she said that the home study I was planning to meet with on Thursday is on the blacklist with Russia. I guess in the past they haven't made sure to send in the post-placement reports on adopted children so Russia won't work with them. I'm glad that I found that out prior to meeting and completing a home study with them. I am now looking at another program which is NOT on that blacklist (I checked) and get that going.

With our recent cruise vacation, Tyler is in the hole on vacation days with the military. However, he spoke with his boss and there is a permissive TDY which can be used for adoption purposes and it doesn't tap into the vacation days! That's great news for us!

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Carina said...

Oh, that's so good about Tyler! I'm glad to hear that won't hurt your income and that he can hopefully go with you. I hope this new place you're doing the home study with is good :)