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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Letters from Sarah and John

Letter and art from Sarah. She's so sweet! Can't wait to see her again.


Dear Parents, Thank you for the letter and the photos. I was very happy to receive them. I am fine and I learn English a lot. I am waiting for to see you again and to talk to you. John


We were able to Skype with Michael and John this week. Michael's time was a bit short, but he promised to sing for us next time we Skype - that should be fun! He is smiling more and talking more, which is nice. 

John always looks emotional when he sees us on Skype. It is hard to smile and be happy when we see our son so sad. I know he wants to be home with us. We want him home, also. We try very hard to make him laugh and we often succeed. This past Skype, we even got him to dance for us. We sang to him and then he rapped a little Bulgarian for us. 

I mailed off Michael's Birthday package and I ordered him a cake to be delivered by a local cake maker in Dobrich. I am working on a birthday package for Sarah. I plan to mail it out very soon. I ordered her some flowers to be delivered on her birthday. 

We miss these kids so much! Tyler and I often ask ourselves how we got so lucky to find them. We are truly blessed. 

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