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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Letters from the boys

We received the following letters from John and Michael:

Dear Parents,

I love you very much. I made a relative tree in the shape of a heart but I am going to show it to you when you come to Bulgaria.

I miss you and I am waiting for your letters.



I am very pleased with the English lessons. I already know the alphabet and I start learning words. It‘s

very cold here in Dobrich. I play billiards and I'm better now. I can’t wait to see you on Skype.

I love you very much!


We didn't realize that we could be sending emails and pictures so often, so now we are sending two emails per week, with letters and photos. It is fun to hear the triplets talking about the photos we have emailed in. It certainly adds something to our conversations.

Today Michael told us that he doesn't like carrots. He was very interested to know what kinds of vegetables we cook with various meats. His favorite meat is pork. He also wants to know what kinds of soda we drink. He is a fan of pepsi and coke. We generally buy root beer, lemon/lime, and mountain dew (for Tyler).

Michael's birthday is coming up, so I am putting together a package to mail off for him. Sarah's birthday is shortly afterwards, so I am working on that as well. Our most recent skype session with Sarah was so much better than the first one. Everything was clear (visually) and we could hear Sarah this time. Someone was there to help with translation, so we were able to communicate better. We were surprised to learn that Sarah broke up with her boyfriend, Georgie! I am very thankful for all of the communication that we have with the triplets!

We are currently waiting to receive our I800 and FBI fingerprints. Today Tyler and I are both completing our medical forms. We hope to get everything going as soon as possible. We miss our kids!

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