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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mookite Necklace

Necklace donated by Adrienne. More of her jewelry is found here and here.

This is a Mookite Necklace (the Mookite stone is from Australia). It is 19" long with a Tibet silver clasp and a hand carved antler charm. The antler charm was carved by Marti Hicks a local Utah artist specifically for this necklace. The engraving depicts a 9 year old boy going though right of passage in an Anasazi native american tribe. This right of passage is when his spiritual descendants are declared and his lineage is made known until him, after he fights in a mental and physical battle to prove himself. I thought it was particularly beautiful because I know that when your boys arrive in America they will be sealed to your family, after a long fight to find love and acceptance in an orphanage.



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$10~ -Angela Orme

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