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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Update on Ukrainian Home Study

We were recently told by our home study agency that they are planning to close down their office in our state. And so we are now looking for another home study agency to finish up our Ukrainian home study and to also do the post placement visits for our Bulgarians.

I have contacted a few agencies and none of them allow us to pursue two countries simultaneously. I am going to keep looking, but if I cannot find an agency that will allow this, then we will have to put our Ukrainian adoption on hold until after we bring home our Bulgarians. 

This news has been hard to swallow! But we are trying to move forward one step at a time and we are still very much committed to adopted from both countries. The only thing that concerns us is about the timing. My husband is active duty in the Air Force and we will be moving in less than two years. We are hopeful that that will allow us enough time to bring home the Bulgarians and then be able to complete the process for the Ukrainians. But, if not, then we will have to wait until our next move to begin a home study for Ukraine, as you cannot transfer home studies from state-to-state. 

An upside for this change is that Tyler will be able to travel with me to Bulgaria for the first trip. And then he will have enough leave next year to travel with me to Ukraine. That is a huge blessing. However, we were hoping to visit Ukraine in between the two trips to Bulgaria - so as not to leave our newly adopted Bulgarians when we travel to Ukraine (which seems likely at this point), but God is in charge and He will help us through that when we get to that point. 

As for an update on Bulgaria: I wish that I had one. The dossier is there and has been for over a month. I hope to receive our travel dates very soon. We thought it would be in October, but now we are thinking it will be in November. Stay tuned...


:-) said...

How frustrating with the adoption agency. I know things will work out for your family. Fingers crossed that you hear back from Bulgaria soon!

Faye Fuimaono-Webb said...

Prayers for you and your family 👪❤

Regan Butler said...

Praying Jill for your family as it grows. Somehow it all works out but I find I still don't have patience while the details unfold. The Lord knows your needs and hears your prayers and the prayers in your behalf. (((HUG)))

Adoptive Mom said...

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Adoptive Mom said...

We recently adopted 2 kids fromUkraine, our in-country facilitator was great which made things a lot easier. I can provide more info upon request, 11irinadobro@gmail.com