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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sending letters

The next step in our Bulgarian adoption, is to email a personalized letter for each child, along with photos of our house and of our family, to our facilitator in Bulgaria. She will translate them and then a social worker will take the letter and pictures and visit each of the children in their orphanages. They will discuss the child's feelings regarding our family and hopefully afterwards they will have a good idea of whether or not they are interested in being adopted by us. This is very different than any adoption process we have gone through thus far. I'm nervous! What if they don't like us?? Eeek!


Danielle Geeting said...

I know we never got to be close before your family was transferred. I would like you to know please don't stress over a child not liking you and not wanting to join your wonderful family. I honestly feel that they are going to have there hands full on decide which child to have join your family.

Danielle Geeting said...
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L said...

After looking at your family photos, and being struck about how much I miss you guys, and THEN feeling like I need to clean up my own house more to keep up with you (lol) my OVERALL feeling is if it were me wanting a family, I'd be proud to be in yours. Love and support from the Sullivans ❤