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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

4-5 kids

Here is the latest update in our adoption. We are close to finishing our home study and already working on some dossier documents. Woo-hoo! 

We have secured one girl, Sofia, who is 13 years old. We are also looking at a set of brothers in Bulgaria. One is 10 and one is 6. Both have moderate mental delay and other learning disabilities. We are hoping to secure their files at the beginning of April, but it is possible that someone else can commit to them before us. In light of that, we are open to looking at new files and, ultimately, plan to adopt three children from Bulgaria. 

As for Ukraine, we are keeping our options open and plan to look for 1-2 children there. We will not preselect these kids before our trip to Ukraine, so stay tuned for that trip when it comes. 

So, yeah, we are looking at adopting five children. That blows my mind! But I am eager to meet the children that God has in store for us. As Keith told me recently, we NEED these kids in our family. We're not only saving them - they are saving us. 

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kari said...

You two amaze me! What a wonderful, caring, good family. So proud of you all! You're in our prayers.