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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Visas for the boys

Yesterday we went to the US Embassy to pick up the visas for Calvin and Silas. When we went inside, we were able to bypass several long lines to get to the right window. I felt bad that I was able to cut in line ahead of so many Russian citizens. It also amazed me how many of them want to go to the US. The rooms were packed full of people. We a bit of a wait before they called us up to the window. While we were waiting, a nice, elderly American-looking couple was looking at us. I asked if they were American, and the wife came over to talk to me. To my surprise, she was Russian and her English was very good. She said that she remembers seeing us before we boarded our flight from NY to Moscow two weeks ago. She said she heard us talking to two young men (missionaries) about our going to Russia to adopt two boys. She then commented on how cute Calvin and Silas are. I gave her an English Book of Mormon before we left. They were so friendly.

At the window, a nice woman from CA swore us in and went over paperwork with us. She said that Russia will always recognize Calvin and Silas as Russian citizens. And that means after they turn 18. With our Ukrainian twins, if I remember correctly, they are both American and Ukrainian citizens until the age of 18 and then they will have to choose which country to be citizens of - Ukraine or America.

On the walk back to our apartment, we passed a hot dog stand and decided to try it out. I normally don't do too well with foreign foods, and sure enough, I had diarrhea afterwards. I don't understand how Tyler can eat anything and not have any issues and I always do. Sheesh. Now I am reminded yet again why I cook my own meals here in Russia. And the hot dogs were $3 each! Not exactly cheap.

It was like a long hoagie roll with a hole on one end. And the hot dogs were various shapes and flavors.

The boys have adapted fairly well to us. There is still a big language barrier, but basic needs are communicated and more will follow in time. After talking with my friend, Amy, I am convinced that Silas' orphanage caregivers were mad at him every time he soiled his diaper, because of how expensive they are. When we first got Silas, he would cry and suck on his thumb so hard when we were changing his diaper. I was trying to figure out what he was so afraid of! And now after he has seen us not being upset with him, he is downright playful at diaper changing time. It's a welcome change.

We also switched from showers to baths and the boys love it! They still don't like having water poured on their heads, but they like being in the water. They do hate having their teeth brushed. Oh, how they hate that! I remember Keith and Iryna hating it, too. They still don't like it now, but they tolerate it.

This morning I made blini - a Russian crêpe. We put strawberry jam and sweetened condensed milk inside. They boys liked it, naturally.

My brown-eyed boy! Isn't he adorable? Love my Calvin!

A pastry that Tyler bought. It was a cake with some vanilla creme inside with chocolate and coconut on the outside. It was really good.

The boys love their new shoes and ours! Calvin is very tender. If we raise our voices at all or use a tone with him, he breaks down and cries. It is hard because we love him and want for him to be happy, but he is deliberately doing things that we have asked him specifically not to do - and we really do know that he understands what we're asking of him. We have been doing the time outs with him standing at the wall. Each time he wails and wails. I don't know if he just hates to be disciplined or perhaps he assumed that his new parents would just let him do whatever he wants to do...I don't know. I love on him a lot, so I hope that he feels of our love for him. And we always follow up the time out with love and snuggles.

Daddy's first blue-eyed son, Silas! Silas also carries around his jeans. I think he really likes them.

We are packing up today and heading out tomorrow. I have been eager to get home and let the healing begin, but I know it has been good for us to have some one on one time with Calvin and Silas. Before we adopted the boys, I knew that our family was not complete. And now that we have them, I am so happy. And yet, that incomplete feeling is still there. I wonder what the future still holds for adding to Pierce family. I am so grateful for personal revelation. It feels good knowing that I am doing what God would have me do.

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Trent and Meg said...

YEA!!!! :D Hugs to you friend--so glad you are on the home stretch! :D Safe travels!!!

Carina said...

Look at you, spreading the gospel everywhere you go :) It's so good to read about how things are going. Step by baby step! You're getting to know those boys and I'm sure they are just loving having a new family. What a precious gift. Safe travels tomorrow!

Greta said...

my kids hate to brush their teeth and Kalen stamps his feet in the tub when we dump water on his head. Isn't it funny how kids are the same anywhere?

Sarah C said...

Cute picture of the boys playing in the tub. Good luck with your trip back to the US. I am sure it will be nice to have your whole family together. I hope someday soon you are blessed with the additions to your family that give you the peace of mind that your family is complete. For now, I am glad you are enjoying the new additions to your beautiful family.