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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some news

Tyler spoke with Victoria from AAC yesterday and she said that Sveta called Calvin's orphanage a few weeks ago and they said that Calvin is doing okay health wise. I wish I knew more than that - but it's nice to hear SOMETHING!

We still haven't received our form back from the USCIS, so Victoria asked us to contact them because it may have been lost in the mail. Olga was able to get the birth certificates for Keith & Iryna in Ukraine and has already put them in the mail to us. Once those arrive and we get the form from USCIS, we will notarize and apostille all the documents and then - the moment we've been waiting for - we will mail them to Sveta to be translated by her and submitted to the judge. Can't wait to find out when we get to bring home Calvin & Silas! I miss them so much and feel like they must have forgotten us since it's been so long since our first trip. :(


McElwain Family said...

It's good that there is progress and word of little Calvin! I wish you had gotten to bring them home in July! Hope we get to meet them someday!

nicole said...

Wow- how exciting! Not too much longer now! You'll get to hold them again. :) What blessed little boys to have you for a mother. xo

Corinne said...

Hi There, Not sure how I found your blog but, we too are LDS and adopted two unrelated children from Russia last year.Best wishes as you move forward to get a court date. It takes a lot of patience and endurance ...I know.